COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID-19 Guidelines



Fairview Presbyterian Church’s session voted on September 20 to return to one worship service at 11 o’clock in the sanctuary; this decision took effect in October. With a surge in COVID-19 cases in December, church services were held online only from December 24 through January 3 with a plan to reconvene on January 10. The following plan addresses social distancing protocols during the worship service and children’s church/ nursery. Many of the precautions will also be utilized during Sunday School and Table Talk, our Wednesday evening gatherings. It is understood that these plans may need to be revised as we move forward depending upon changes in the Covid-19 guidelines, restrictions, and conditions. The staff has liberty to make revisions. Any major revisions will be communicated to the Session and voted on if necessary. Thank you for being flexible in this season of change.


• Hand sanitizing is strongly encouraged upon entering the sanctuary. Two stations are located at the back of the sanctuary near the doors. Masks and gloves are also located there.
• Masks must be worn when entering the sanctuary, moving around inside the sanctuary, and when leaving the sanctuary. Masks may be removed when seated.
• Every other pew in the sanctuary is roped off.
• Members of the same household can sit together; however, social distancing must be maintained with other congregants. We encourage the congregation to make use of the whole sanctuary.
• In order to seat everyone properly, the section behind the piano may be used for congregants. A deacon will usher people here if necessary. A limited choir will sit in their usual location on the side with the organ. A limited number may utilize the balcony.
• Choir members are required to wear masks when singing within the choir. Special masks have been purchased for them.
• Deacons will dismiss people by rows at the conclusion of the service. Please do not congregate in the sanctuary; maintain appropriate social distancing when outside of the sanctuary.
• Live streaming of the service will continue on our YouTube channel.
• We will continue to observe the Lord’s Supper with individually packaged elements.
*If you have tested positive for COVID-19, feel ill, or have been around someone who has been ill, please worship online with us out of respect for those who are at a higher risk within our church.


• The nursery and children’s church will only be open with volunteers during the sermon. Parents are encouraged to keep their children in the service until that time; however, the nursery space is available for children who need it prior to the sermon, but they must be accompanied by a parent.
• Volunteers & staff must wear masks/ face shields when with our children.
• Handwashing/ sanitizing is required for staff/ volunteers when working with our children. Gloves are required when assisting children with toileting and diapering. Parents are encouraged to take their children to the restroom before drop-off and to wash/ sanitize hands at that time.
• Class sizes will be reduced to allow for 6 ft. distance during normal gathering in children’s church.
• There will be increased sanitation of all shared spaces, toys, classroom items, sink area, door knobs, etc.
• Teachers/ volunteers should wipe down tables halfway through the lesson and as needed. Sanitizing wipes are in each classroom.
• Only one parent is allowed at a time in the children’s wing when dropping off or picking up. The hallways can become crowded with too much traffic. A deacon will be on hand to assist with traffic flow. When in the children’s wing, adults must wear a mask.


Children’s church/ nursery is not required for our youngsters; it is there if you need it. We encourage you to continue training your children to worship by having them … worship! Keep up the good work. Now might be the appropriate time for your family to make the transition to having your children remain in sanctuary for the full worship service. Additionally, please remember that children’s church is for those age 7 and under.

January 2021